Cooking Block


Why a commercial kitchen?

In order to legally make food for sale or resale in the state of California, it must be entirely prepared in a Health Department approved facility. There are strict requirements and a host of laws and regulations that must be met. Cooking Block is supporting small business by providing a facility that complies with all of these requirements and provides professional grade equipment to work with.

How does Kitchen Rental work?

We have four separate kitchens for hourly rental. Each kitchen is health Department Certified. Each kitchen is equipped with 14' cook lines with burners, griddles, gills, stock pot ranges, fryers and convection ovens and 2 compartment vegetable washing sink. When you reserve a kitchen, that kitchen is exclusively yours for the entire reservation time. Of course our 14' x 14' walk-in cooler and professional dish washing room are shared portions of the facility. Cooking Block is creating a community for food professionals and artisans and an environment for them to flourish in. Become part of this community and start making valuable connections.

What do I need to do to start running my business at Cooking Block?

  • Signed copy of the Kitchen Rental Agreement & Policy Handbook

  • Proof of liability insurance of at least $1 million with Cooking Block listed as additional insured

  • Food handler's permit.

  • A full refundable security deposit of $500 (cash or check only) and valid credit card on file

How much does Cooking Block cost?

We have a tiered pricing structure designed to help growing businesses by lowering prices as you reserve more monthly hours. Our prices are as low as possible and set to help cover our expenses while continuing to provide this much needed service to entrepreneurs.

Can Cooking Block help set up my business?

Absolutely! Every client receives a free 1 hour consultation with a Chef consultant with years of experience and business management degrees. We offer Advisory Services that supportively take a new business through all of the licensing and permitting steps. Cooking Block provides comprehensive advisory services for new and existing businesses that encompass everything from logo design to writing your business plan to product marketing and placement.

I have all of the required documentation. What are the next steps?

Simply fill out this Kitchen Rental Agreement and submit to us. Once we have your documents we will contact you to arrange an orientation session. At orientation we will process your deposit and assign you your unique building access code. Then you will be able to reserve kitchen time and access our facility. It is really that simple!

If my business requires special equipment, can I bring it in and leave it there?

Most likely, yes. We will have to make sure that your equipment meets City code and find the appropriate space for it. Simply e-mail us with the equipment specs and we will let you know how we can accommodate you.

How can I have my business logo listed on your website?

This is available for certain clients with Platinum, Gold or Silver subscription status who are permanent tenants. Please send us your logo to If you are in need of a logo or website, our Advisory Services can help you obtain this essential part of your business.

How do I make an appointment to tour the facility?

Call us at 909-878-6140 or e-mail us at We'll get back to you right away.

Can Cooking Block serve as a commissary for my mobile food unit?

We are not equipped to serve as a commissary for mobile units. However, you may use our kitchens to store and prepare food for sale through a mobile unit. For more information, please contact us at 909-878-6140 or

Will I have storage space?

Yes. Both permanent dry and cold storage is available to our subscription customers.

Can I get deliveries?

Yes. You should schedule deliveries during the time you kitchen rental time. However, if deliveries outside of these times is necessary, arrangements can be made with our kitchen manager or with one of the other members of the Cooking Block community.

Can I have my products shipped from Cooking Block?

Yes. Arrangements can be made for separate space to label, box and deliver your products right out of Cooking Block. Please contact is regarding your needs.

What about cleaning?

Each chef is required to leave the kitchen (including floors, sinks, work tables, stoves, etc.) immaculate when they leave. We only handle the cleaning of common areas (like bathrooms and hall floors), and do deep cleaning of building and equipment surfaces. There will be a $30.00/hour cleaning fee otherwise.