Cooking Block


Why a commercial kitchen?

In order to legally make food for sale or resale in the state of California, it must be entirely prepared in a Health Department approved facility. There are strict requirements and a host of laws and regulations that must be met. Cooking Block is supporting small business by providing a facility that complies with all of these requirements and provides professional grade equipment to work with.

How does Kitchen Rental work?

We have three separate kitchens for hourly rental. Each kitchen is health Department Certified. Each kitchen is equipped with 14' cook lines with burners, griddles, charbroiler, stock pot ranges, and convection ovens and 2 compartment vegetable washing sink. When you reserve a kitchen, that kitchen is exclusively yours for the entire reservation time. Of course our 14' x 14' walk-in refridgerator and professional dish washing room are shared portions of the facility. Cooking Block has created a community for food professionals and artisans and an environment in which they can flourish. Become part of this community and start making valuable connections.

What do I need to do to start running my business at Cooking Block?

  • Fill out our Pre-Assessment Form. This will answer your most common questions, and will allow us to quickly confirm that we have sufficient space to meet the needs of your business. We will respond promptly.

  • Take a tour of the facility.

  • Set up an orientation, where you will recieve a Health Department license.

    Note: all clients are required to obtain liablity insurance and to submit a $500 refundable security deposit.

How much does Cooking Block cost?

We have structured our pricing to be straightforward and affordable. All kitchens can be rented at a flat rate of $25 an hour.

My pre-assessment has been approved, and I have finished the tour. What is the next step?

Follow these instructions to schedule an orientation with the Department of Health. At orientation, you will purchase your Health Department license, sign the Kitchen Rental Agreement and submit your security deposit and proof of liablity insurance.

If my business requires special equipment, can I bring it in and leave it there?

Most likely, yes. We will have to make sure that your equipment meets DOH requirements and confirm we have adequate space for it. Simply e-mail us with the equipment specs and we will let you know if we can accommodate you and give you pricing information.

How do I make an appointment to tour the facility?

Call us at (909) 894-4440 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We'll get back to you right away.

Can Cooking Block serve as a commissary for my mobile food unit?

We are not equipped to serve as a commissary for mobile units. However, you may use our kitchens to store and prepare food for sale through a mobile unit. For more information, please contact us at (909) 894-4440 or [email protected]

Will I have storage space?

Yes. Both permanent cold and dry storage are available. All clients recieve two metro rack shelves of complimentary dry storage. Additional dry storage pricing is by arrangement. Monthly cold storage rates are between $75-150 per month.

Can I get deliveries?

Yes. You should schedule deliveries during your rented kitchen hours.

What about cleaning?

Each client is required to leave the kitchen (including floors, sinks, work tables, equipment, etc.) clean and sanitized when they leave. Cleaning done during your rental time.